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Welcome to Hotel Kerdous
Fiche téchnique

The hotel displays an amazing succession of staircases evolving around a flowered indoor garden where the shape of the swimming pool reminds you of the One Thousand and One Nights'tale. At the end of it, a terrace, your terrace. At this altitude - 1100 meters - as you'll see, you feel closer to the twilight and its shining golden and orimson lights reflecting on the walls and hanging gardens of the plateaux below.
Yes, indeed, from your vantage point, the show has already started and surreptitiously made you fall for this impressive and somptuous palace offered to the south winds. Let your eyes wander on the flight of clay slabs, below you, that lead to doors which have borrowed their colors to the joyfull Berbere public gatherings.

Fiche technique

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Le lobby

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